I asked the person’s permission before posting these and got the OK

I do not speak for every victim of rape at all, but Tumblr has connected me with many many of my fellow victims, and most of them agree with me that this fiasco is degrading the extent of what we’ve endured. 

The conversation goes on and I’ll post the other part later.

But I just wanted to say I am informed. And automatically assuming someone who disagrees with you doesn’t know what sexual assault or harassment is like, or that they haven’t actually looked into this subject in order to form their opinion, is ignorant. You can’t just throw mob-mentality terms around and expect them to prove your point and completely invalidate the other person.

I am not kidding when I say I’ve literally been asking and asking and asking to see these other people who’ve come forward, and all I get is a spew of capslock laden curses and the terms, “VICTIM BLAMER,” and “RAPE APOLOGIST” thrown around, along with being told I should die. Saying that like it means nothing, to a victim, is shameless, and yes, it hurts. I have my experiences, I have my reasons for believing what I do. It’s not because anyone is “famous” (I still don’t even know what Josh is supposedly famous for, I’ve never seen his blog). I feel this way because I spent hours in the tag, because I looked into things, and because I know what sexual assault feels like, and this made me feel insulted. I finally did find these “other victims”. The ones I found that were underage only say he liked his pictures or complimented him once or twice. The ones that weren’t minors (that I found) said they flirted mutually, and then they changed their minds and it took him too long to take the hint.

I was younger once too. I was afraid of men on the internet. I didn’t want to say no. I didn’t lead a smear campaign to try and get people to kill themselves. I used the block button and told my parents, or at least a teacher or friends I trusted. If you all want to insist Bitsy is a child (which, to me, implies she’s weak, defenseless, and cannot think without supervision) then why aren’t her parents being contacted? Why aren’t they making sure she’s safe on the internet? Or if she doesn’t have a good family situation, why didn’t she go to a teacher or a friend’s parents or the authorities if she felt so threatened? Why is trying to ruin a life appropriate over a Skype conversation that someone apologized and stopped over? Why is using rape as a platform to make this sound worse than it is okay? What he did was too strong and inappropriate. He needs to seek help and learn to stop this. But this isn’t bad enough to try and make him kill himself. If she feels like she is in real danger, the answer isn’t Tumblr, it’s the police.

Why does Tumblr preach that “Suicide and rape are serious issues” but if you disagree with the mob you should “kill yourself” and the words “rape apologist” are thrown around like they mean nothing?

So I’m guessing I’ll be getting more hate soon? That someone new will capslock me to death with nothing but overused social justice terms and literal death threats? (Using death threats to solve rape culture. You must really value human life.) I went looking for evidence. I found what I could. I formed an opinion. Hate me for it since you’re such an individual, and since blatant (and often anonymous) hate will really help me change my opinion on this. Hate me because your solution to finding someone you call a victim, is to attack other victims.

Have a good day.

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